Dimension One Swim Spas

Each Aquatic Fitness System is equipped with six high volume swim jets that adjust for speed and pressure. These powerful jets produce a current strong enough for you to swim laps in place.

For a full body workout, the AFS swim spa meets all your aquatic needs but takes up less space than a conventional pool. Installed either free standing, partly or fully sunk, the AFS swim spa is designed to be easy to install, operate and maintain. It is a one piece moulded shell with steel frame construction and is highly insulated and therefore, inexpensive to run all-year-round. The AFS swim spa has a jet driven swim lane and several circuit training stations that allow people of all ages and athletic abilities to experience a multitude of exercise options.

FACT: Exercising in water reduces your risk of injury dramatically as 90% of the body weight is supported by water. The added resistance that water provides enables the user to gain twice the workout in half the time.

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