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Dare to compare

Let us help you make up your mind with our free, no obligation Dare to Compare service.

Simply give us the make and model of any other hot tubs or swim spas you are interested in. We will compare them like-for-like with the equivalent model(s) from our award winning Platinum Spas range, the UKs biggest and fastest selling hot tub brand along with our stunning BeWell Spas from Canada.

You can then make an informed decision about which hot tub or swim spa system is right for you.

Our advice to anyone considering purchasing a hot tub or swim spa is to not only do thorough research on the product rather than just be driven purely by price, but also do your research on the company you may be considering buying from: How long have they been around? What did they do before selling hot tubs? Why do they sell hot tubs? What after sales do they offer? Is their floor stock supplied or do they have to buy it? Do they offer wet testing and changing room facilities? Are they local enough to you that they can offer a short lead time on any after sales service calls if or as and when required?

What are you considering?