"We pride ourselves on being a family-run business with over 35 years combined experience in the industry"

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Andy Thompson is recognised within the hot tub and spa industry throughout the UK since starting as a service engineer back in 1999.

With extensive factory based service training and advanced service training in Vista, California, he is proud to offer our 1100+ customers, across the UK, a truly unique and professional service.

Give us a call: 01386 442624 or send us an email to service@affinityspas.co.uk.

  • All Aspects of Repair Work
  • Hot Tub Maintenance & Service
  • Water Chemistry Advice
  • Parts & Accessories
  • Filters & Chemicals

We can service and repair all major makes and models of hot tubs* and swim spas
*excluding inflatable spas

In our 15 years of being in business we DO NOT AND NEVER WILL offer or charge for an after-sales-care-package. We believe that during the first 3 to 6 months of owning your hot tub, during the “getting to know you period”, the least we can do to thank you for your purchase is to ensure our advice is FREE* and always available to you either by phone, text, email or Social Media

Spa Moves
From £420

Mini Service
Dump and Refill From £145

Full Annual Service
From £270

Call out charges - 1st November 2021

Upto 10 miles £72
Upto 20 miles £85
Upto 30 miles £95
Upto 40 miles £105
Upto 60 miles £110
Upto 80 miles £120
Up to 100 miles £140
Up to 110 miles £155
Up to 200 miles £180
200 miles+ Please enquire

All prices include 30 minutes labour and VAT @ 20%.
Additional labour charged at £30 up to each part half hour
All mileage calculations are from WR11 8RL, using https://www.rac.co.uk/route-planner

1 2 3 4
Check Filters
Remove & Clean Headrests
Full Flush Treatment
Full Drain Down
Removal of All Residual Water
Remove & Clean Jets
Clean Cabinet & Panels
Clean Cover
Acrylic Shell & Waterline Cleaned
Inspect Heater Tube & Terminals
Pump Seals Inspected
Install New Heater Tube Seals
Rinse & Re-Fit Filters
Plumbing Unions Tightened
Fresh Spa Water Replenishment
Pump Air Locks Removed
Ozone Function Checked
Air Controller Function Checked
Valves Checked
Water Diverter Functioned Checked
Complete Spa Running Function Checked
Check & Adjust Spa Time Function
Full Electrical Check For All Components

Package 1: Health Check from £235
Package 2: Shut Down from £225
Package 3: Full Service from £270
Package 4: After Sales Water Care FREE*

Service packages

Without regular care and maintenance, your hot tub’s complex pipework will eventually develop a build up of dirt and debris commonly referred to as biofilm that contains parasites, viruses, bacteria and mould – all of which are extremely difficult to remove. Simply draining and refilling your spa will not tackle the build up of contaminants within the pipe work. Having your hot tub serviced at least annually will dramatically help towards keeping your hot tub an appealing place to be, giving you the peace of mind that there is nothing nasty lurking in the water and that each of the electrical components have been tested and are working safely.

Our service packages are not intended to repair a faulty hot tub, but to deep clean, test and make your hot tub a clean & safe place to relax in. If a replacement part is required/ or a fault is evident during a service visit, additional labour to fit may be charged at £60 an hour or part thereof.

Full service charges - 1st November 2021

  • All Brands UP TO 7ft models (up to 60 miles) - £270
  • All Brands 7ft+ models (up to 60 miles) - £320
  • All Brands 8ft+ models (up to 60 miles) - £350
  • All Brands All Sizes 60+ Miles - £375
  • All Swim Spas – POA
  • All Commercial / Business Spas - £390

Introducing O-Care

Let us introduce you to O-Care. As one of the best hot tub chemicals for sensitive skin, O-Care is made up of a mixture of high-quality minerals to reduce the amount of chlorine and bromine in your spa and restore your skin to its former glory.

A revolutionary treatment in eco-friendly hot tub care, the O-Care Water Treatment removes & prevents biofilm; consistently cleaning so less chemicals are required to protect you and your spas main components. Please contact us for more information.

Prior to a site visit

Please ensure the hot tub remains full and ideally, heated, prior to the Full Service appointment. This will assist us for when we chemically treat the water to flush through the pipework. We will then drain that water ready to refill with fresh.

For leak repairs where the hot tub can be run, we require it to be set to maximum temperature. For repair appointments, we have a submersible pump and portable water tank, should we need to empty or part empty the hot tub, which speeds up the process and allows us to reuse the water wherever possible.

Where the hot tub is either fully or partially sunk in the ground or is surrounded by decking boards or slabs, we require at least a 2ft x 2ft cleared access before we arrive, in the area immediately below the main top control panel to gain access to the main pc board and componentry. Otherwise labour time to remove these obstructions will be charged at our standard hourly rate.

We will require access to a 13amp socket, to the main power supply which runs the hot tub, to the isolation switch and to a water supply to connect our hosepipe to for re-filling the hot tub.


We will require contactless access to the hot tub and whilst onsite will have our own PPE measures in place for the duration of the visit.

Important Information

All prices quoted on this page are inclusive of VAT at the current rate of 20% and exclusive of any parts and/or filters required. Should a return visit be required once a particular non-stock part has been ordered and received, no second call out fee is charged, only labour charges to fit.